..but these deeds are not my own
they were burning upon me

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Into the jungle

I have always let my heart lead me,
the feeling of love, bliss, vibrance
my torch in the darkest of days.
Through endeavors high and low I followed it,
flags of hope flying high and mighty
far and long it travelled me,
it was my way, my truth,
my high white horse in pride it strode.

Now I sit, dismantled,
broken, shrewd, upon this dark, grey alley
with only lonesome to bully me.

Where are you now!?
almighty power of love,
how long must I wait and wither until my karmic earnings return?
Can it not be seen that fear is stirring like a hurricane?
on the ugly sight of hate and its wicked fantasies, only,
am I surviving.
My mind is aching, my soul is shaking,
my very being is dying.
I tremble,
the feeling of new is in labor
and new is not always good,
the growth, the evolution, the re-incarnation banging on my door.

It’s angry, its hungry, it’s done with being caged
it’s roaring like a lion,
I fear it desires rampage.
Who’s to stop it?
Who’s to comfort?
Who’s to ease these worried ways?
There is no-one,
that’s the point.

The birth is here.
From humble farmer
to gruesome hunter, into the jungle is strides.
Death, onto those it preys.

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Unknown artist

Unknown artist

The job of the enlightened isn’t to bask in the enlightenment, but rather to practice yoga. To come out of the solitude of self-discovery and see just how far you can stretch, spread and share that knowledge you hold so dear. For it does not matter whether your enlightenment is on a cosmic, mediocre or meer basic level, it only comes into reality when shared. Anything else is like being in love and having nothing love; the source of all madness.

"You take yourself too seriously. You are too damn important in your own mind… You are so goddamn important that you feel justified to be annoyed with everything. . You’re so damn important that you can afford to leave if things don’t go your way. I suppose you think that shows you have character. That’s nonsense! You’re weak, and conceited! Self-importance is another thing that must be dropped."

— A quote by Jon Duan from the Journey to Ixtlan

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"There’s those saying more is less; less is more,
well if less is more then how you keeping score?
means for every point you make your level drops,
kind of like starting from the top.
You can’t do that."

— Eddie Vedder

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"They cannot be confined within a rule, it is only change that is at work here."

— Unknown

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"Failure will stop one person dead in his tracks, but the same failure will spur the other person on to success"

— Andrew Toth, Sales - The guide to successful selling

(Source: amazon.com.au)

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Found a cure for loneliness I’m forever immune
Stuck in my walk and in my head and I hum her tune
Yep she got rhythm, it’s right
Some things don’t need words
You know you’re living
When it all becomes a blur
Can’t be explained and there ain’t no reason to
Something strange just takes over you
One million lovers to choose from but none like her,
The only one for sure

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Not to worry about time!
You’ve got all the time to think about all the things
and once you’ve thought those things
you can think of things some more.

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"The stars and galaxies above us aren’t busy making sence, they’re busy making colossal fireworks."

— Alan Watts

"The frightening thing about the law is that it’s more concerned with ritual, than with justice. We are ritualistic people who, despite our advanced technology, are still driven by the ungodly three - ritual, trial, and sacrifice."

Andrew Toth, The Exhibitionist


A magic bus I spotted in Dulwich Hill, Sydney

A magic bus I spotted in Dulwich Hill, Sydney

People come, people go
my own pap and ma’ rejected me so
down they sink me, down I flow
into blackness is now all I know.

A nomad now
I wonder here, I wonder there,
I wonder if love lives anywhere.
Not in my heart, that’s for sure,
it’s gone bitter, cold, sour and sore.

As for hope?
it hung itself with a self woven rope
and not a tear was shed,
just a laughter like that of a real bad joke.

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